Exploring new products, i.e, Art Resin!

I started my resin journey about 3 years ago and it's been a pleasure receiving exposure through social media. It has connected me to several resin companies and allowed me to test their products.

This week, I was contacted by Art Resin. I have previously bought their products before but was pleasantly surprised when they reached out. I consider Art Resin on my top list of resins I recommend and also use. 

I decided to create a new style using Art Resin products. As always, Art Resin utilizes the 1:1 ratio, which is pretty straightforward making it easy even for beginners.

Additionally, I always use face protection and gloves when using resin, but Art Resin has no VOCs or fumes because of its dedication to using no solvents or cheap diluents. It makes it easier to work in small spaces such as apartment complexes or smaller studios. Air circulation is always a must though!

I love how Art Resin gives a crystal clear and glossy finish! Remember, it has self-leveling capacity and stands up to enormous UV scrutiny, which hinders resins to turning yellow overtime.

Anytime you need help with their products, they provide tons of videos and fun challenges on their website!


Check out the piece I created with Art Resin products <3

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